Kylie Cosmetics?!


These have been selling out insanely fast! Not that anyone can really be that surprised, since it is a Kylie Jenner product. I tried on the first two releases without success, but the third time when she released 3 new colors I was able snatch a couple!

Now I know you either love or hate the Kardashian/Jenners, and personally I like them. There’s something kind of amazing how they have monetized their lives and everything the do. Some people think it’s horrible, but it’s their lives ya know? It is definitely not as easy as it looks.

Anyways, on to the lip kits! I grabbed Dolce K & Candy K. These seemed like the two I would wear the most and I didn’t want to pick up too many colors in case I didn’t like them. I wish I did pick up all the colors though, since I LOVE THEM! I really like the formula & how quickly they dry. I feel like I have nothing on my lips. I have been seeing people complaining that they are too dry, but it is a liquid lipstick people, of course it is going to be dry! The lip liners that come with it are super creamy. I have never been a big lip liner girl, but I have been trying to use them with these!

First up I have Candy K, which is my favorite of the two. I have been wearing this one the most.


Next I have Dolce K.


I know they are quite similar, I have them swatched side by side below. I didn’t have any lip colors that are comparable to Candy K, but I think Dolce K is a little similar to Kat Von D Bow n Arrow & Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin.

Have you got your hands on any? Do you think they are worth it?

“Men are just jealous because they can’t wear make-up” – Carolyn Murphy



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