A peak at my makeup journey

Like most girls, I started using makeup in middle school. I started by going into my moms makeup while she was at work & playing with it(of course!). The results were truly horrifying! Honestly, I wish I had pictures to show, they would be hilarious!

One of the first makeup items I remember owning, was some blue eyeshadow. Yup, that horrible blue shadow you are probably imagining. I would put it all over the lid.. and I thought I looked so cool! I definitely did not.Β Luckily that didn’t last too long, and I either wore mascara or nothing until high school.

Ahh, high school. Everything is embarrassing during those years, but always fun to look back at! I started to get more into makeup. I would rub my Maybelline Mousse foundation (not sure of the exact name!) all over with my fingers, cringe! I only used bright colored sparkley shadows, and I didn’t know how to blend. Luckily they were super cheap, and not that pigmented! But I will say, I liked a really light face, so I wasn’t the girl rubbing makeup on everyone she hugged! Looking back, I wish I started watching YouTube tutorials sooner!

Towards the end of high school, things got better, and I got alright at doing my makeup. But it wasn’t until after high school, when I discovered all of the YouTube tutorials for doing makeup. I had initially been looking up hair tutorials, and came across Nicole Guerriero, then started watching all of her videos. Then, it became a minor addiction and I started watching more and more YouTubers.

Slowly my makeup collection started to grow, and so did my addiction! I tried a lot of different products & makeup looks until I found what i really liked and really didn’t. I still watch YouTubers, but not like I used to. I just stick with some of my favorites!

Now I am always watching or reading reviews of makeup. Looking for new products. Buying new products. Which I absolutely love & led me to start a blog! I love talking about makeup, and now I have a place to do that! πŸ™‚

So, do you remember one of your first makeup items or something you used to do that makes you cringe now? Let me know!

“No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart.” – Kevyn Aucoin


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